About Us

AMA Shutters is one of many products provided to the market by Redco Products Pty Ltd.

Redco Products Core focus is to provide an array of building finishing products to the market that eliminate the requirement for large amount of specialised labour and can be assembled in a fraction of the time other comparative systems are. Not only do they look at the labour saving side of manufacture , they also take into consideration the installation of their products. They focus on there products being as user friendly as possible for the installer , as this also leads to further labour saving.

These labour saving products would be wasted if they were not line with current architectural trends . Redco continually keep in touch with the market and their customers , to assure the products they release into the market get the tick of approval from the architects , builders and home owner.

Prime example of this is the release of Eurowood last year to meet the growing demand for the look of timber without the maintenance. For more visit www.eurowood.com.au

To find out more about Redco Products please visit www.redcoproducts.com.au